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SIBERIA OPEN coming soon!


 First   time in Novosibirsk! Qualifying tournament of the world FIBA "Challenger" level would take place on the 28th of June on the central square  of  our  city - square of Lenin and would be coincide with the day  of  the  city.  To  understand the level of the tournament, it is enough to say, that the famous "Moscow Open" has the same status.

This  year, it would be only 3 tournaments in Russia and winning gives a possibility to get to the world cup: besides Siberia Open it is also Moscow Open and the tournament of St.Petersburg.

As  usual  on our tournaments there would be a lot of competitions and great basketball, looking forward for everybody there!

The  winner  of  the  Novosibirian  tournament wins the tour to Beijing (China) to the tournament of the world cup, besides the solid money award. You can learn the FIBA calendar in more details by the link below.

In the Siberia Open 16 teams would take part. They would be chosen by the organizers  from  the number  of  the  strongest teams, that sent the application and also, the winners of the local tournaments, especially the  regional  tournament  StreetJam  2015,  which  we are planning to provide for all desirous on the 20th-20st of June.

All  the  questions  regarding  the  participation  in  the tournament Siberia Open   you  can ask using the comments under this news, in our group VKontakte and also on the email sibstreetball@gmail.com.

Download the application. Please send the applications to the email address sibstreetball@gmail.com. After sending the application, wait for the confirmation.

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